POH Farm Raised Beds Campaign

About POH Farm Raised Beds Campaign

Help us grow by becoming a raised bed partner! We will transform our garden into an innovative community garden on steroids! Our garden will have paved pathways with raised beds piled full of organic soil. Rent a bed for a year and we will grow, transplant and maintain your bed for you. You will be notified when your produce will be available for pick up. To fund our garden and support Peace of Heart Community (pohc.org) we are asking for people to make an investment to rent a bed for $500/year (if paid in full) or $600/year (monthly installments of $50/month).* We estimate that each bed will yield double your investment in organic produce! This is a win, win all the way around. Please help us reach our mission while reaping a harvest for you, your family and loved ones!!! Order here or reach out to Howard Groshell (904-699-2110, howard@pohc.org). *Please SELECT Recurring for $50 for monthly payments or $500 for the year. You can also choose to cover POHC's transaction fees by checking the appropriate box.